When you think of "wellness" what comes to mind? Most people would say they are well, when they are not sick. So wellness would be the absence of sickness? Others would say that wellness has to do with their personal level of happiness. I would like to suggest that wellness is a lot more than that.

Overall wellness not only includes both physical wellness and personal wellness, but also environmental wellness and financial wellness. These four corner stones are the basis of a company our family has been a part of for a long time. Melaleuca, "The Wellness Company", promotes these four area of wellness and being part of the Melaleuca family helps individuals focus on improving their overall wellness.

Personal wellness focus on ones health. Melaleuca helps this by developing healthy products that are free of harmful chemicals and vitamins and supplements that your body can actually absorb.

Physical wellness focus on ones fitness and active living. Again, Melaleuca develops products and programs to help people reach their fitness goals.

Environmental wellness is all about our personal impact on the world around us. Melaleuca supports this by developing concentrated products with no environmentally harmful chemicals and the elimination of fillers. Distribution of the products is also greatly reduced as it moved directly from the production facility to the consumer. No middle market.

Financial wellness focuses one those who are a part of the Melaleuca family to help them live debt free and build a source of reliable residual income.

Although it doesn't take much to become part of the Melaleuca family and enjoy the benefits of personal, physical and environmental wellness, it does take some work  to develop the financial side of this business. Melaleuca is a wonderful company that has put together many products, services and information to help people achieve their goals and live well balanced lives.

Our family has been part of the Melaleuca family for a long time. If you haven't heard about them, it's understandable. To do what Melaleuca does and ensure they help deliver wellness to everyone in the Melaleuca family, they want to ensure that every person is connected with someone else in the family.

Are you interested in your overall wellness? Want to get a better understanding building your own residual income? I would love to introduce you to the Melaleuca family. Drop me an email and we can talk further.