Saturday, 26 November 2011

Melaleuca Vitamins

Do you take a daily vitamin supplement? Is it doing you any good?

Not that my doctor would recommend supplements or say I even needed to take vitamins, but the truth is, almost everyone should! There have been many studies that show the nutritional value of our food supply is decreasing. Another way of reporting this is showing that organic crops have a higher nutritional value than non-organic crops. But many of us can not get enough organic foods or be able to afford them. So, taking a vitamin and mineral supplement becomes very important.

But, why would my doctor then not recommend that I take a daily supplement? The answer is very simply that most supplements are not worth taking. The truth is that most vitamin and mineral supplements can not be absorbed by the body because the body does not recognize then as "food". The body expects our vitamins and minerals to be part of our food, not created in a factory and put into a capsule.

When I first became a customer of Melaleuca products, there was a research study that showed the effectiveness of vitamin and mineral supplements ingested by the body. (If I could find the study again I would post it here.) The results of the study were that most store brand vitamins had less than a 5% absorption rate. Some specialty (and expensive) supplements got up to 50% absorption. The Melaleuca vitamins and supplements scored .....98% absorption!

What makes the Melaleuca vitamins and minerals different? Very simply, Melaleuca's supplements are organically bond to "food". The body recognizes the vitamins and minerals as food because they are put together the way they would occur naturally. So instead of passing through you system like most other supplements, the Melaleuca vitamins and minerals get absorbed and used by your body. This of course leads to better health and wellness.

Here is my story of how I know my body needs a vitamin and mineral supplement. In my early 20's, every so often when I woke up in the morning my one foot would have a little cramp in it. When I got up I quickly walked it off and really did not think much about it. By my 30's this was a daily occurrence and occasionally my lower leg would seize up as well. I started taking Melaleuca vitamins when I was 35. Within a month the daily foot cramp disappeared. Something I had been living with was simply the lack of enough vitamins and minerals. I know this is still works. I travel a lot for business and when I travel I sometimes forget to bring my supplements with me. One week without them will not hurt me, but if I do two trips, close together, without them, by the end of the second trip both my legs a seizing up with severe cramps during the night. As long as I have my vitamins with me and take them, I don't have a problem with leg cramps while I sleep.

Many of us live with "things" that are really just the lack of enough vitamins and minerals in our diets. There is a solution from Melaleuca, and for myself, I wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. Murray,
    Your story is pretty amazing. I am always so confused about what to take and how much. I have started taking a multi vitimin and because I am deficient in D, I'm taking a supplement for that, too.
    I will look into this product that you describe here.
    Hope your weekend is productive and brings rest to you as well.

  2. Hi Annesta
    My story is small compared to many others I have read and witnessed, for when they started using Melaleuca vitamins. Just to let you know, to become a Melaleuca customer, you need a referral from an existing customer. I would love to complete the reference for you, if you are interested!


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